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It’s been awhile since I been online. Not much has changed though. I guess I can give some character updates.

Celeste survived the first episode, though she was infected with a worm by an enemy android. Her robot comrade Damien destroyed a nuclear weapon with another nuclear weapon- succeeding in poisoning most of our forces. After reporting back to the sub, Celeste and a few others received scrubbing and medical treatment for radiation poisoning. She then retired to her quarters where she began to have hallucinations of herself as a young girl having seizures. Another soldier on the boat helped her back to her bed, and when she fell asleep, she had horrific nightmares of another version of herself as a young girl- free of cybernetics- with her parents and hundreds of citizens in a station attacking her as their bodies ripped open exposing wires that tore her flesh and pinned her to a glass wall. The wall shattered behind her and they were all sucked out into space, her screams unheard. Her actual screams were heard throughout the boat and a medical team rushed in to her quarters. She began to go into a grand mal seizure and they gave her the necessary medical aid, sedated her, and she came to back on a military base in the closest city. Concerned about the cause of her seizure, she requested a tech team to scrub her cybernetics for bugs.

Over the course of the next few months, she continued other missions with the same tactical team. After one very successful one, the city hosted a parade for their heroes. Celeste’s team was approached by young girl holding a flower. As Celeste reached out for the flower, the girl blew up. A bomb had been implanted in the girl by partisans. Damien, recognizing the pop culture reference (that the DM was making), ran away and escaped the blast. The commanding officer, David, died from injuries within two days of the incident. The android Maria, the team’s heavy gunner, was killed instantly by the blast, as would have Celeste had she not had the cybernetic limb replacements. She was able to be saved and rebuilt for action.

That’s where we are at with that group of characters.

For Cassiopeia’s the mermaid, we still haven’t gotten to the campaign she’s in. Nothing new to report, but I hope to have pictures of the miniature I’m getting to use for her on the board.

Iliana, Princess of Skyshroud, endured heavy hardships for the closing episode of the Colosseum campaign. I’ve decided to write a book about her adventures with permission from the DM and other players to use their characters. So, as I write that, I intend to release excerpts here for feedback. Anyone interested in the story, send me a message.

That’s all for now,

Lady Irene


A mothers worst nightmare has home in our home… If anyone hears from Abby Lord or sees her please call me asap 607-752-3225… She has ran away from home… We need prayers right now for the return of our sweet daughter.”

One of my best friends, Casey, has a cousin named Abby Lord that went missing, in New York. If you can’t fucking reblog this and spread the word to help, go fuck yourself. I will be disappointed in every single one of you. You can reblog shitty gifs of mine that took me less than ten minutes to make, but if you can’t reblog this, unfollow me and eat shit. If you do spread the word, thank you. 

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In order to aid her comrades aboard the ship she travels with, Cassiopeia uses a spell to transform her tail into legs for only a few hours. She prefers her tail, but when the situation calls for it, she takes on the two-legged form.

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